Violence is the way – Kill or be killed


This artwork is a two-piece set.

The sculptures tell a story of a battle between a human and a fox-beast.
When the sun shines bright and yellow, the Beast roams in it’s animal form. But don’t let the fox-shape fool you. In the dead of night that petty chicken thief will turn… And IT will devour your whole family!

So, kill it, while you still can…

FOX: 39 x 29 x 29cm
MAN: 45 x 29 x 29cm

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“Violence is the way – Kill or be killed” has been shown at one exhibition:
2022 Safe horizons, Baltic Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Gyeonggi Museum of Ceramic Design, Yeoju, South-Korea

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 45 cm