Afterlife: Dying to get there

In most belief systems, one’s expected inevitable end of life is believed to lead to a new form of existence. Be it paradise, reincarnation, absorption into almighty light, or becoming… whatever!

Your loved ones are crying their eyes out while you are rocking another dimension in your new reality. 

Admittedly, experiencing death – the one thing we all have in common – seems to be the end. But death is likely not final.

In his search for “the answers”, the artist has collected his thoughts on the certainty of death.

He offers a visual representation of his journey, from fearing the unknown to accepting that anything is possible.

He definitely doesn’t have any firm beliefs.

…Psychedelics haven’t helped reach any conclusions either, but the experiences have led the artist to believe anything can be true.

There is only one way to find out for sure – through death itself!

Exhibitited at Mark Rothko art center
28.10.2022 – 19.02.2023

Anticipating death can be scary but remember to live your life in the meantime.

On the edge

I may be ready to give up but I've gotta keep that smile on...

In the land of Kaamos (dark period in the Northern Hemisphere) it is common to maintain our worriless faces while we're secretly crumbling on the inside.
Deal with the cause of the pain or play in the land of crosses.

It's a Dog-eat-Dog world inspired by the phrase "each man for himself".

Even the best of the people can get greedy and selfish in a situation where something threatens the fragile structure of our of society and thus turn on our survival instinct.

Life is precious but delicious

We consider all life sacred but not everyone is equal.

In the process of life somebody always gets consumed.

Death is not final so don’t get stuck in everyday hustle.

Live, laugh, die...

The circle of life.
Eat, sleep, repeat until the lights get turned off.

Or don't.

Try something new every day, you might get suprised by where small actions may iventually take you.

Better luck next time!

Thank you for playing the KarmaWheel™.

If you did not succeed your goals in this lifetime you can hope for getting better cards on the next round.

Kind regards,

Life is only a dream

We may be living in a simulation, or a multiverse, or in a dream. We could never know for sure, can we?!

So live your life easy-breezy but keep in mind... It may be a game where reality is the outcome of your choices and this one may be your last life.

Don't get stuck!

I remind myself that I should respect but not get stuck in other people's beliefs and expectations when it comes to ...well all of it!

Religion can be use as a guide but remember to use your own head.

You ain't goin' nowhere mister!

Alleviation and relief is just one trigger click away!

...Or is it?!
And back at it again! Reborn, brand new and ready to continue in the game again as a different character.

Alternative universes and realities. Life is only a dream.

Interdimensional travels via psychedelics.

Yuck! Those others! Alien species 2089

There is a planet where alien abduction escapees have multiplied and now humans are the undesired alien species.
Humans are such a waste of space that even aliens don't consider us appetizing.

Afterlife is an alien rave party

A cosmic joke where you expect to wake up on a cloud in heaven with your ancestors and long-lost pets but instead it's just an alien rave party.

We come in peace, goodbye meat-prison

Aliens are pretending to be angels.
They use our belief-system to make you voluntarily give up your physical body. Thats what they want. They are just waiting to devour your soul and DNA and all that good juice!

Afterlife is an alien rave party

The moment when you have died and you're expecting a welcome party from your dead relatives.
But instead you wake up at an alien rave party and your whole life was just a massive DMT hit 🙂

Afterlife is getting ripped apart by aliens

There will be no Heavenly cloud-sofa to chill on...

You gonna get f+cked up bro!

Your own alternative Jesus. The possibilities of lifeforms in multiverse are infinite.

Imagine a multiverse where every version of each outcome of every choice humanity has ever made has created a new version of a reality.
In this section of the exhibition the artist has taken the cross as a well-recognizable symbol and created some random versions of some random universes’s religions.



Don't ask any questions. Trust the rules.
Don't doubt what the master has to say.

The master is all-knowing and all-powerful.
Just do what is expected of you in this one-leader world.

2D Jesus

Being normal.

A world where looking, thinking and feeling like the others is the aspiration.

No... Its not being bland and boring! It's safe! Norm-core in it's full glory!
Don't overthink anything, don't have your own ideas, don't try to brake the traditions!


Gun violence.

A universe where weapons and bloodsheading is gloryfied.
A world where giving in to wrath and conflict is rather an act of righteousness than an act of sin.

Pfefferkuchen Jezuz

the Christmas spirit.

A silly idea of humanity who worship Christmas.
They prepare for it for most of the year.
You know...
The decorations, the gifts, the lights, the shopping, the family photos, the new puppies, sending cards to the people you last spoke to at last Christmas... Indulging in food and being ultra-kind and all that what Christmas is all about 🙂

Love is the only Jesus I need

A place without religion.

A place where feeling love and kindness is everything you need to trust to keep on going.



A society where being self-indulgent is hardwired into everyone.
Do exactly what you need to fulfill your desires. Be it pleasure, fame, power...

You can be a huge dickhead and be praised for it.