On the edge


I may be ready to give up but I’ve gotta keep that smile on…

In the land of Kaamos (dark period in the Northern Hemisphere) it is common to maintain our worriless faces while we’re secretly crumbling on the inside.
Deal with the cause of the pain or play in the land of crosses.

One common feature that Estonians and Finns share is depression.
Especially during the winter, people often hide their struggle with their inner critics and stress.
Seemingly cheerful and able to cope with life’s tasks
but the eyes betray the truth…

Stoneware, porcelain

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“On the edge” is a medium-size table-top sculpture.
It’s a large dark head with white tall porcelain crosses growing out from the top part. Although larger than life-sized, the character looks realistic but It’s frozen facial expression presents an eerie and almost unnatural look.
The eyes are intense melon-yellow sad smiley faces opposing the large grinning smile of the character.

The main surface of the sculpture is dark, almost black, mostly matte with a slight blue sheen. It looks similar to a lava stone.

“On the edge” has been shown at two exhibitions:
2022 Afterlife: dying to get there, Mark Rothko art center, Daugavpils, Latvia
2020 Ceramega, Särmä – Äär – Edge, Voipaala Art Center, Finland


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 28 × 26 × 62 cm